A Grand Day Out

On Friday, I was extremely lucky to be invited up to the Test Match Special commentary box during the One Day International against Pakistan at the Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground.

I was met outside the Media Centre by Jonathan Agnew, and taken upstairs to the broadcast suites. Standing in the corridor outside the Sky box as we went up was Ian Botham (he has an iPad but still hasn’t taken it out of its box…).

Possibly the strangest experience was realising I still had my DAB radio turned on as I went into the commentary box, and hearing Henry Blofeld’s commentary in front of me, in the flesh! (and yes, he did comment on a pigeon during the time I was in the box!)

It was a real pleasure to meet Jonathan, Malcolm Ashton (TMS’s scorer and statistician), Michael Vaughan, Simon Mann, Duncan Fletcher, and of course, Adam Mountford and Shilpa Patel, TMS’s producers.

And I couldn’t possibly go to the TMS commentary box without taking a cake. Or some dog treats for Bracken, Jonathan Agnew’s dog.

Thanks to all for making Friday a really special day. Oh, and there was even some cricket too… 🙂

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3 Responses to A Grand Day Out

  1. Pam Nash says:

    Excellent, you obviously had a wonderful day and will remember it for a long time. But I think I’m more deserving of a cake than the TMS crowd 😉

  2. This Rural Wife says:

    What a marvellous experience! I’m not a cricket lover but I am sure Bracken will enjoy the treats. I hope there are not too many E’s in them though! Bertie finds him boisterous enough! But Bertie always get the stick..

  3. charonqc says:

    What a fantastic experience – it was great to see good cricket being played again on Sunday.

    England have been doing well – on to The Ashes! We may have a good chance !

    That cake looks good…. 🙂

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