An earlier cricketing encounter

I have moments in my life – like most people – where I look back and cringe. Many moments…

And this is one…

I won a competition with BT Internet’s “Win A @Million” contest back in 2000. No, I didn’t win £1M, I got a runners-up prize, but it was a great runners-up prize! I won a £1000 computer for a school of my choice, and a trip to see the 2000 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.

I might post about the F1 another time, but there was a third part to the prize. The guy that won the top prize of £1M and the 16 other prize-winners were treated to a prize-giving ceremony at the Millennium Dome, hosted by David Gower, along with publicity photos and a chance to have a good wander around the Dome. (Verdict on the Dome? I wouldn’t have paid to go, let’s put it that way!)

Over champagne and canapés, the prize-winners and guests got to mingle and chat, and my chance came to speak to David Gower. Did I ask him about his cricketing career? His captaincy of England during the 1985 Ashes series? No. I had to ask the question that makes me cringe to this day.

“What’s happened to Lee Hurst? Is he not doing any more of They Think It’s All Over?”

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