How would you spend your £10?

A crowd gathered around the doorway of a shop normally means the opening of a brand new store, an Apple Store, maybe.

I was quite intrigued when I saw the small crowd gathered around a shop on the upper level of Gateshead’s Metro Centre yesterday – knowing that the Apple Store opened a month or so ago on the lower floor.

So, what was the crowd looking at?

The shop had a few fishtanks on the floor, with shoals of fish to nibble your feet for fifteen minutes at £10. Apparently they give the best pedicure you’ll ever get.

So, would I? Maybe…

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2 Responses to How would you spend your £10?

  1. Steven Craig says:

    I could think of a good few things to do with my £10/15 minutes and none of them involve tiny fish nibbling my toes and feet.

    Euuuuughhh…….turns my stomach!

  2. I remember once sitting in a rock pool by Lake Malawi and having the fish nibble my feet, it was quite nice, not sure it would be the same away from Lake Malawi though!

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