Scotland snow

Scotland is closed.

I’m currently sitting in stationary traffic on the A8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’ve moved a couple of hundred yards at most in the last hour.

I had a similar experience last night on the M74 south of Hamilton and Motherwell, though I had my 2 year old daughter with me last night, I don’t today.

The Scottish Government (for whom I work) have been utterly unprepared for the events of the last 36 hours. Motorists are now facing their second night trying to get to their destinations.

Last night I faced the conditions with good humour but this evening I’m more annoyed that little seems to have been done to relieve the busiest road in Scotland.

I must say a huge thank you to Ian Emery who put my daughter and I up for the night last night, staying up to wait for us arriving well after midnight.

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