Some snowy thoughts

Scotland is slowly getting back to some semblance of normality on the roads now, though we’re by no means back to clear roads.

I’ve been driving far more than has been recommended over the last four days (police forces in Central Scotland have been recommending that people make only essential journeys), and have seen some poor driving, some very good driving, and some things that just wanted to make me scream.

While the roads are very dangerous when covered in snow and ice, some people are being overcautious and this is causing problems. I’ve seen several cars stuck on hills where if they’d gone just a little faster, they’d have made it without a problem.

But my biggest concern was on Monday on the M74. I was in the horrendous queue of traffic that was stuck approaching Glasgow from the south. While I was lucky to have a nearby friend to stay with, many others weren’t and were forced to stay in their cars overnight.

While the northbound carriageway was completely stationary, the southbound carriageway was empty and very little traffic was making its way south from Hamilton and Motherwell.  In such exceptional circumstances, I wonder why the police or Transport Scotland couldn’t open the central reservation barriers to allow cars to turn and head back south? 

I’m very glad to hear that no-one has died as a result of crashes in the extreme icy conditions, or as a result of hypothermia from spending Monday or Tuesday nights in their vehicles, but here’s hoping some lessons are learned from this incident – remember we’re only on December 9th now, and we’ve still a lot of winter ahead of us.

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